Face Transplant In Photoshop - The Easy Way

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Somedays ago I joined
Freaking News (it conducts regular photoshop contests).

For a contest, I created an image in photoshop.
Below is the image I created for the contest.
In this post, I am going to tell you how I did it. Its really very simple.

Below are the images I used to get the above result.

After viewing the images you might have figured out what I have done. I replaced the face of the center person (in image in the middle) with the face of jack sparrow (left image) and face of left person (kevin harris, in middle image) with face of wolverine (right image). In the result image, there is one more difference, I made Goal II to Goal III.

Here's How To Do it -

1. Open all the images in photoshop.
2. Now select Rectangular Marque tool and select any person's head which you want to add to an image (in this case jack sparrow's head) as shown in image below.

3. Copy the selected part (Ctrl + C) and then paste (Ctrl + V) it on the image you want to make change to. Then press Ctrl + T and transform the image by dragging the sides to fit in the result image as shown below.
4. Now drag the image over the person's face you want to replace and if required again rezize the image to fit on the subject's body. You can also lower the opacity of the layer to view that the image is fitting with the subject's body completely. Remember, only the face should overlap the subject's face and not the things in side that got copied with the face. We will be deleting them in the next step.
5. Now select History Brush Tool (press Y). Move the brush over the places that you don't want and those things will automatically disappear. Follow all the steps again with the image of wolverine (right image above). Result you'll get is shown below.

6. Also I made Goal 'II' to Goal 'III'. To do this, select 'I' with pen tool and paste it next to 'II'. After that I used clone stamp tool and cloned the bottom line joining 'II' and put it on the top & bottom of the third 'I' I just created and done. Using the Clone Stamp Tool only, I removed "Living the dream" from the original image and with Text Tool, I wrote "Return of Heros".

Using this technique, you can transplant any person's face in photoshop in less than a minute.

If you have any doubt, post it in comments and I will surely answer them.

Have Fun!
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